11.2. Microservices Architecture

  • Duży próg wejścia

  • Wymaga bardzo dobrego ekosystemu narzędziowego

  • Wymaga automatyzacji

  • Wymaga stworzenia i wdrożenia wielu różnych technologii

  • Tworzenie technologii, które skalują się horyzontalnie

  • Zmiana myślenia

  • Wdrożenie ludzi

  • Dla większości firm nie przynosi to korzyści (sic!)

  • SOA zrobiona porządnie (wywalone tematy związane z Enterprise)

11.2.1. Monolithic architecture

  • Build an application with a monolithic architecture

  • a single Java .war or Python .pyz file

  • a single directory hierarchy of Rails or NodeJS code


Figure 11.3. Monolithic architecture


Figure 11.4. Source: 1

11.2.2. Microservices architecture

  • Architect the application by applying the Scale Cube (specifically y-axis scaling) and functionally decompose the application into a set of collaborating services. Each service implements a set of narrowly, related functions. For example, an application might consist of services such as the order management service, the customer management service etc.

  • Services communicate using either synchronous protocols such as HTTP/REST or asynchronous protocols such as AMQP.

  • Services are developed and deployed independently of one another.

  • Each service has its own database in order to be decoupled from other services. When necessary, consistency is between databases is maintained using either database replication mechanisms or application-level events.


Figure 11.5. Microservices Architecture


Figure 11.6. Source: 1

11.2.3. CQRS - Command Query Responsibility Segregation

  • Split the system into two parts.

  • The command side handles create, update and delete requests.

  • The query side handles queries using one or more materialized views of the application's data.

11.2.4. Further Reading

11.2.5. References


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